acing that interview

The season of job searching is amongst college students, and with it comes applications, reference forms, résumés, and interviews. It is a fearful time for some full of questions on how to format a résumé, how to be sure an internship or job is right for you, and more importantly, how to prepare for an interview.


the right nows // october 2017

So, obviously I am really horrible at keeping up with a blog. My thoughts and time have been consumed by the entity known as school (also, if I am being completely honest, any free time I do have I use to either hang out with friends or watch Netflix. priorities apparently). Nevertheless, October is over, I am halfway through my first semester of Junior year, and I have officially gotten my third cold this season. So all in all, life is good. 

the right nows // july 2017

Hey Y'all! This is a little segment on my blog I am going to try and implement called "the right nows." I got this idea from a blog I read and thought it was brilliant. Basically it is a monthly post documenting the "currently-s" or the "right nows" of my life. From what I am currently watching, listening, reading, doing, traveling, feeling, thinking, etc. etc. So here's to new things and the "right nows" of life. 

fully known & fully loved

How am I suppose to describe a trip to a place that has captured my heart in a single blogpost. I am not the most elegant of writers and there is no way I will be able to perfectly capture the essence of this trip, but if I were to describe the trip in a single sentence, it would be this one: "You have never looked into the eyes of a person who God doesn't fully know and fully love."​

magic with a mouse

It is said that Disney World is the place “Where Dreams Come True.” ​Cliché. Typical. I know.   But honestly, magical is the only way I can describe this trip. I am no stranger to the wonders of Disney World, but over the first week of March 2017, I got to experience the magic in a whole new light.